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Features of xapitask

Use xapitask to co-ordinate the delivery of learning in conjunction with your LRS


Driven by Your LRS

xapitask connects to your LRS. Get setup in minutes.


Learner Management

Assign xAPI Activites to learners and track progress.


Connect to any Activity

Any activity that supports xAPI can be added as a xapitask


Works with Native Apps

Launch native xAPI iOS and Android apps.

Command and Control for your xAPI Ecosystem

So you've built an xAPI Ecosystem but you don't have a way to coordinate learners?

Combined with xapiapps' user management features, xapitasks can be assigned based on performace, job role or group.



Complete Learning Automation

xapitasks can be assigned to learners automatically, based on performance in other learning activities, or behaviour in business systems like CRM and HRIS.


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Leverage the xapiapps Ecosystem

When connecting Learning Activities with xapitask you can extend your Learning Ecosystem with a wide range of apps including:



Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the questions regarding xapitask

Q: Is xapitask limited to Video, Sharepoint and Salesforce?

A: Not at all! These are purely examples. xapitask can be used with ANY external activity that send xAPI statements. 

Q: What if our LX Designers aren't tech savvy?

A: No Problem, xapitask is simple to setup and get going. Add the URL and code snippet in a drag and drop format. And away you go! If you have any issues, consult our documentation or contact us

Q: Where can I see xapitask reports?

A: As xapitask is built right into the Learning Experience Builder, reports are available from your reports tab. Also, if you are linked with an LRS, more detailed reports are available on your dashboard!


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