Features of xapibot

Get the most out of your Learning Record Store


Watches your LRS

Leave xapibot to spy on your LRS data


Act on Data Insights

xapibot acts on the statements it sees 


Provides the xapitask

Use with xapitask to instrument external xAPI activities


LRS Integration

Get more out of your LRS with actionable data

Let xapibot watch your LRS, so you don't have to

After plugging in xapibot to your LRS, xapibot you can:

  • Send users to different learning experiences based on results
  • Segregate learners based on performance
  • Push customized training dependent on performance



Let xapibot watch your LRS, so you don't have to

Zoom out and gather data insights that don't require a data scientist to understand. 

Set up xapibot to make decisions based on the insights without all of the hassle. 



Your xAPI activities, All in One place

xapibot works in conjunction with your LRS to provide the xapitask.

Organise your xAPI activities to implement in the Learning Experience Builder .


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Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the questions regarding Learning Experience Builder

Q: What can I do with xapibot?

A: xapibots greatest utility comes from using xapitask - an app that allows you to instrument any activity for xAPI. Uses are limitless, creativity is the only barrier.

Q: What if our trainers and managers aren't tech savvy?

A: No problem, once everything is set up xapibot and xapitask are easy to use (truth is you won't even notice xapibot!). Instructions on how to set up can be found here, also feel free to contact us here

Q: Where can I find out more about xapibot?

A: For an overview of what xapibot can do, click here. Find support documentation on application of xapibot and the ins and outs of the software click here.  


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