Automate training delivery to employees that need it, based on insights from your LRS and other business systems.

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Get More From Your LRS

xapibot turns your LRS into a learning automation platform

Connects to your LRS

Set-up in minutes using your LRS credentials

Optimize Learning Delivery

Deliver tactical learning to employees that need it

Trigger Business Systems

xapibot sends and receives learning data to 3rd party systems

JIT Performance Support

Trigger performance support delivery in realtime

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Let xapibot watch your LRS, so you don't have to

xapibot watches and acts so it can:

  • Send users content and learning activities to close performance gaps
  • Notify coaches when coaching interventions are needed
  • Update Learning Management Systems and HRIS
  • Notify supervisors and managers when key events occur
  • Send data to BI Systems and dashboards
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The LRS as an Integration Hub

xapibot turns your LRS into a realtime Integration Hub and makes it the core of your L&D infrastructure. This opens up a world of possibilities to L&D Departments and Learning Technologists.

  • Build an integrated Learning Ecosystems centered around the LRS
  • Us LRS data to assign and suggest Learning Activities within the ecosystem
  • Handle basic integration tasks like user, role and group management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at questions regarding xapibot

xapibots greatest utility comes from using xapitask - an app that allows you to instrument any activity for xAPI. Uses are limitless, creativity is the only barrier.

No problem, once everything is set up xapibot and xapitask are easy to use (truth is you won't even notice xapibot!). Instructions on how to set up can be found here, also feel free to contact us here

For an overview of what xapibot can do, click here. Find support documentation on application of xapibot and the ins and outs of the software click here.

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