Amplify Your Learning Content With Easy To Share Boards

Curate And Share Content As Learning Resources.

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Built For Dynamic Learning Teams

Sharing great learning articles, videos, PDFs and more with your team is great. But it can be a bit of a hassle. With Boards, simply drop your materials onto your teams board. From there, anyone can access the material whenever they want.

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Share Learning Materials With Your Team Instantly

No more emails or shared drives where you’re blind to what your team consumes. Share relevant training materials instantly with the whole team.

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Keep Things Relevant & Manageable With Different Boards For Different Teams

Do you have more than one team? Do they respond better to different material? Boards makes it easy. Just create separate boards for different teams - so you can keep the material relevant to each team.

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Amplify Group Learning With Videos, PDFs, Web Articles And More

Share anything at any time. And let your team take their pick - whenever they want. And if your document type isn’t supported, just share the link. And let your team grow while they enjoy the benefit of choice.

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Track Consumption To Tailor Your Learning Experience

See what training material is the most popular and take full advantage of the fact. Does your team prefer reading? Prefer videos? Find out with consumption tracking.

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A New Angle On The Learning Experience

Traditional paths are great. But they can be a bit linear. If your team wants extra learning, they may want to browse through some relevant material and take their pick. Choose what they want to learn. And that’s where Boards comes in. There are no structured paths. Everything is accessible to learners that have access to a board. So they can decide what to learn, and when to learn.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the questions regarding xAPI Boards

Yes, you can create a group for a job role. When a user is added to the job role, they'll be assigned the training paths for the role.

You can create unlimited branches in a training path. 

When a trainee, coach, supervisor or observer are assigned a task, they are sent a notification. Reminders are also sent if tasks are not completed.

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