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Learning eXperience Builder is a powerful adaptive feature in xapiapps, used to orchestrate all learning and training for users. They can be used for simple eLearning courses or extensive sophisticated training pathways. See our product page on Learning eXperience Builder.

Example use cases:


eLearning Courses

Use training paths to connect multiple eLearning modules together (like you would do with a course) and award the learner a badge upon completion.





General Training

Branch off in a training path to consider training interventions for trainees who are unsucessful at a critical task. All this, without interrupting the normal flow for those who have completed the task succesfully.

In the example training path below, if the trainee was:

  • unsucessful with the self assessment (quiz) step, then Amy Way will be notified, who can create and assign the trainee a training intervention pathway
  • unsucessful at the observation step, they would receive the coaching step

As you can see, the training path allows flexibility for human intervention or complete automation. 

Trainees who are successful continue on the path without any necessary intervention. Upon completion they receive a badge.   



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