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The following is a guide on how to optimise Kirkpatrick's Four Level Model with xAPI in xapiapps.

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"Say I'm training sales staff"

"I'm going to use Learning Experience Builder to do it"

"There is a series of steps to the sales training. We call the series of steps a Pathway"

"I've named the Pathway sales training"

"We start with a Group Training session. The trainer takes everybody through some basic sales training"

"Then we apply the Kirkpatrick model"

"The first level is reaction. Did the staff enjoy the sales training? Did they find it useful?"

"We survey each staff member with the sales training reaction survey. Once this is successful, we move onto Level 2 - Learning"

"We test what each new sales staff member has learned, with a SCORM package"

"Assuming the staff member passes successfully, we wait for 7 days"

"Now we are at Level 3 - Bevhavior"

"We ask a store manager to do a final assessment of the staff member's On-the-Job Performance. The store manager uses a simple Observation Checklist on her phone"

"If that's successful, the system assigns a badge to the staff member - Sales Training Completed"

"That covers Kirkpatrick Level 1 - Reaction, Level 2 - Learning and Level 3 - Behavior"

"In the background, xapiapps sends all this data to your LRS. This only takes 2 minutes to configure."

"In this case, we're connecting to Watershed LRS"

"In Watershed, we can ask questions such as:"

"Did the final assessment have a relationship with customer satisfaction numbers?"

"Or is there a relationship between sales training scores and sales numbers? And so on"

"This gives us Level 4 of the Kirkpatrick Model - Results" 

"It's easy to implement xapiapps and your LRS of choice"


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