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Fast track into xapiapps with the Articulate Storyline and xAPI Integration with this quick 2 minute video.

Uploading Storyline Content into xapiapps 




"Launch and Deploy content from your favourite Authoring Tool in xapiapps"

"First we need to install the app"

"Click More Info"

"Click Install"

"Now the Articulate Storyline app appears in your sidebar"

"Click Manage"

"Select New Content"

"Select a zipped Storyline file and drag"

"And drop!"

"That's it!"

"You don't need to wait until it is uploaded to add it to a pathway"

"You can preview your content here"

"And here it is! Your Storyline Content in xapiapps"

"To deploy the content to your learners, navigate to the Learning Experience Builder"

"And create a new pathway"

"Click Add Step and select Articulate Storyline"

"Select your previously uploaded content"

"Or add another one entirely"

"Expand upon the pathway to provide a great learning experience"


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