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Self Assessments are useful for quizzes, surveys or tasks that require a response from a user. Unlike Observation Checklists and Coach Checklists, Self Assessment does not require an observer to sign them off. The self assessment task can be completed straight from the task list by users with any role. 

The tutorial will cover:


Creating a Self Assessment Checklist

To create a Self Assessment, click on Self Assessment in the side menu > Create New.




  • Enter in a Title
  • Enter in the Section Title
    • Add in a new section by clicking on Add or Copy 
      • Add adds a blank new section
      • Copy adds a new section that is a copy of the currently selected section.
  • Enter in some Intro Text
  • Click Add item to create your checklist item

 Follow the link for more on authoring checklists in xapiapps.


Once you're happy with the set up of your Self Assessment, under Visibility add in the person / group you want this Self Assessment Checklist to be visibile to.

Toggle the Publish slider to make it available for assignment.




If you click on < Author Self Assessment Checklist it should take you back to your list of Self Assessment Checklists and you should see your newly created Self Assessment Checklist (if you don't see it, you may need to filter / search for it by title).

Note: Items with the beige tinge in the background indicate they are not published yet





Assign Self Assessment Through Training Paths

Self Assessment checklists can be assigned through a training path or performed ad hoc


Create Training Path

Create a training path with your Self Assessment Checklist. 

In the side menu under Training Management click Training Paths > Author > Click the Create button. Name your training path > Click Add Step > Select Self Assessment.




Choose the Self Assessment Checklist. Search if you can't find it.


Set the Due and Expires dates (follow the link for more on Due and Expires).

Click Add to Path button once you're satisfied.




An example training path with a self assessment checklist is shown below. Make sure that the training path is published so you can assign it. The second item in this example training path is a badge assignment, which is optional. The path would work fine if you only had the one self assessment checklist.






Assign Training Path

Assign the training path by going to Training Paths in the side menu > Click the Assign button > Choose your Training Path > Choose the Trainee / Group you want to assign the path to > Click OK.


In our example we will assign to the group Employees. If you want to know more on training path assignment for groups follow the link to training path assignment on a group.




The Self Assessment Task Before Signed Off

Suppose George Taylor is part of the Employees group. He has been assigned the training path above.

The Self Assessment Checklist task will appear on George Taylor's My Tasks list as shown in the image below. George Taylor can click on the start button to begin his Self Assessment Task.




Once George Taylor has finished his Self Assessment task, he should see the sign off button. He can click the Sign Off button to complete the task.





The Self Assessment Task After Signed Off

If George Taylor views his Training History, he should be able to see that the Self Assessment task has been marked as complete, and he is able to review the results by clicking on the Review button. 





If you have any questions regarding this feel free to leave a comment below.

To contact the support team in xapiapps by clicking on the intercom icon in the right bottom corner of the web app (refer to the image below) leave a message and we'll get back to you asap.





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