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Guide: Publishing xAPI packages for Storyline

xapiapps currently supports Articulate Storyline Version 2 and Onward
This guide covers publishing Articulate Storyline content as xAPI / Tin Can packages. Please take particular note of Step 4. 
If you are interested in reporting in an LRS please see best practices for setting up your Storyline Content for LRS reporting. 
Step 1: Click on the HOME tab and then click Publish
Step 2: Click LMS in the side menu. Under Output Options select Tin Can API (Tin Can API is the former name for xAPI).
Step 3: Click on Reporting and Tracking...
Step 4: In the Reporting tab. Edit the Title and Description as you wish. 
The main config we want to point your attention to is Identifier and Launch URL
Identifier is important if you want to do in depth analysis in an LRS. 
If you are not at the stage of connecting an LRS it is still worthwhile to keep this value unique. 
A recommended identifier is:
Replace the following:
  • <organisation_website>: your company website but don't include https://
  • <software_tool>: the name of the software tool you're using, in this case "storyline"
  • <unique_course_id>: this value should be unique for each content you publish. A good rule of thumb is to use the title and the date you first published (no spaces)
  • e.g. code-of-conduct-20170701

Your identifier might look something like:


Identifier is important if you want to do in depth analysis in an LRS. It is a good practice to keep track of your identifiers so you don't accidentally reuse them for courses. 
Also note that if your re-publish your content and change the identifier, an LRS will treat the content as two different courses. So don't change your identifier when you re-publish, unless you want this effect. 
Launch URL leave this as the default (usually "story.html"). Only change this value if you've been advised to, or if you know the effects. 
Step 5: Click on Tracking in side menu. Select the completion method that suits you. 
Note there has been a reported issue around tracking completion for quizzes in Storyline: Tin Can API Problems on Quiz Retake


Step 6: Click OK and then Publish. Once generated, choose ZIP.



Next step: Upload Articulate Storyline content into xapiapps
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