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Walkthrough for Reporting on a Learner with Learning Experience Builder

The following walkthrough takes a step-by-step guide to reporting on a learner's progress with the LX Builder. 


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"So you want to report on a learners progress in a pathway."

"Go to ‘Learning eXperience Builder’ in the sidebar,and click user reports."

"This is a list of training pathways that learners have not completed yet."

"Lets see how Amy Way is doing. Click the induction report."

"You'll see Amy's progress down the induction pathway. Because she has only just been assigned to the pathway, she's only at the first step. The captivate elearning course."

"The faded grey parts of the pathway are the steps Amy hasn't got to yet."

"You’ll see her current task is captivate elearning course.That's a task for her to complete."

"And if you want to see things from her perspective, just click on her name. First you'll see her profile. Then, click across to learning."

"Under the induction pathway, you will see the captivate elearning course task, waiting for her to complete."

"As amy completes the steps in the training path, she will see completed steps as completed tasks."

"Her next steps will appear as new tasks to complete."

"If Amy was to complete the induction, you would find her badge under the skills tab."

"As a final note, if you have installed an LRS app, all this training data will be sent to your LRS of choice."



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