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Designing a Learning Experience with LX Builder

The following walkthrough takes a step-by-step guide to creating an adaptive training path with the LX Builder. 



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"How do you use your apps in a training program?"

"You use Learning eXperience Builder, or LX Builder for short."

"Click ‘Learning eXperience Builder in the sidebar then navigate to manage and then click ‘create’  Wait for a moment. Name the pathway. I am going to call this induction."

"A learner assigned to induction, is going to step through it one at a time. Lets add a first step."

"The first step I am going to add is a scorm course from scorm cloud. I am going to select a captivate e-learning course."

"Ignore the due field and expired fields, (they are optional). Just click add step. And here it is."

"Click the plus icon. Let's say that captivate elearning course is passed successfully. Now for the next step."

"Let's go with an observation checklist. Choose a checklist, as an example, we will choose retail management first impressions."

"Choose an observer- this is the role of the person who will do the observation. I will select the store manager, but it could be store manager, coach or any other manager in the system. Skip the due and expired fields and click add step."

"Now for the next step. I am going to assign a badge to the learner in recognition of completion. So I will add the induction completed badge. Done."

"But what happens if the observation is unsuccessful? Click the observation checklist step again, click the plus icon again. A new branch appears. This is the branch a learner will take if the checklist reveals a problem-that is, if they are unsuccessful."

"Click add step. I am going to send a notification and choose a template. Click custom. Now I will select a recipient. There is the store manager Sarah Brock. Select her, and click add step."

" Now Sarah Brock will get a notification if a learner failed the ‘retail first impressions checklist’. Its really that simple. And Of course, much more complex paths are possible. I will take you through those another time." 



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