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Quickly get started on Observation Checklists with these two short videos.

  1. Authoring observation checklists (2 mins 40 secs)
  2. Scoring in observation checklists (55 secs)

1. Authoring Observation Checklists



2. Scoring in Observation Checklists



Observation checklists record on-the-job performances to help idenitfy any gaps in training. With the Observation Checklists app in xapiapps, managing and recording on-the-job performances is made easier.

  • Create observation checklists
  • Assign and notify assessors and trainees about scheduled observations 
  • Assess performance on location in real time
  • Fully compliant record keeping
  • Measure and categorize performance over time
  • Get real-time visibility on performance for the organization
  • Send xAPI statements to your LRS


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