Running Without Scissors: 

Sharpening The Effectiveness of Safety Training



Training becomes routine and repetitive to the extent that we start to slack on quality. We start to care less about outcomes and more about simply hitting those training quotas.


Luckily, this little ebook provides a number of pointers on how your safety training can be sharpened so that employees are properly prepared for their respective jobs’ safety requirements. Just a few general precautions and principles can make all the difference down the line.


Download the guide to find out:

  • Why Digital Age Training has changed in the world of learning. 
  • How to deliver and plan great toolbox talks through an overhaul of communication skills and delivery methods. 
  • Why BBS  can be used as a resource to take cues from when developing ANY type of training. 
  • How Buddy Training can make an important difference when training new employees, and how formalizing it creates another dynamic. 
  • Plus much more

Is it time your safety training program evolved?

Take the first step today by downloading Running Without Scissors.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Are Your Compliance Practices Really Ethical?
  3. Deliver and Plan Great Toolbox Talks
  4. Behaviour based Safety (BBS)
  5. Buddy Training for Standard Operating Procedures
  6. Conclusion

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