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Connecting TES to Yet Core LRS using xAPI

Start in Your TES

Login to your Training Evidence System.

In the sidebar, click System then Tincan / XAPI.

Tin Can / XAPI Menu

Click the "Yet Analytics" logo.


(The logo will go blue)

You'll need three details from your Yet Analytics instance

  • your "endpoint";
  • your key;
  • your secret.


Get Your Yet Analytics Details

Login if you haven't already.

Once you login, find the circular icon in the bottom right of the screen.


Mouse over it. You'll see a few more red icons pop up above the icon.


Select the cog icon.






Your settings will appear.


Of course, these are not real credentials. But your credentials will look similar.

Make a note of the:

  • xAPI Path
  • API Key
  • API Key Secret

Complete the Integration

Go back to the TES. We need to fill in the integration form.

First, your "endpoint".

This will be the "xAPI Path" from Yet Analytics. It is usually "".




Then add you API Key and API Key Secret.

Click the "TEST" button.

If all is well you'll see a success message.