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Connecting TES to Saltbox Wax LRS using xAPI

Start in Your TES

Login to your Training Evidence System.

In the sidebar, click System then Tincan / XAPI.

Tin Can xAPI

Click "Wax LRS".

Wax LRS Selected

(The logo will go green)

You'll need three details from your Wax LRS.

  • The "endpoint";
  • your login;
  • password.

Wax LRS Integration

Get Your Saltbox Wax LRS Details

Sign up if you haven't already.

Once you login, find the "cog" icon in the top right of the screen.

Wax LRS Config

This will take you to the "Settings" section.

1. Endpoint

Scroll down the screen until you find a section that looks like this:


Note the "endpoint" url:

https://<your site name will be here>

Of course, <your site name will be here> will actually be replaced with what you typed into the "site" field when you signed up for Wax LRS.

Example: Let's say you you entered "mylrs" into the "site" field during sign-up. The "endpoint" would look like this:

Make a note of your endpoint.

2. Credentials

Scroll down until you come to a section called "Basic Credentials" under "Credentials".


Click the green "Create New Basic" button.


A new row will appear.

Make sure the "Active" checkbox is ticked.

Make a note of the login and password.

Complete the Integration

Go back to the TES.

Fill in your "endpoint", your login and password in your TES:


Click the "TEST" button.