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Connecting TES  to Watershed LRS using Tin Can API


Start in Your TES

Login to your Training Evidence System.

In the sidebar, click System then Tincan / XAPI.

Tin Can / XAPI Menu

Click the "Watershed LRS" logo.

Watershed LRS

(The logo will go green)

You'll need three details from your Watershed LRS:

  • your "endpoint";
  • your key;
  • your secret.

Tin Can API Activity Provider Details

Get Your Watershed LRS Details

At the moment you'll need to contact Watershed LRS to get a login.

Once you login, click the "Settings" menu in the top right of the screen.

Watershed Tin Can Config

This will take you to the "Settings" section.

1. Endpoint

Scroll down until you come to a section called "Send Us Data":

Watershed LRS Activity Provider

Note the "endpoint" url. It will look something like this, but your actual "endpoint" will vary.

Make a note of your endpoint.

2. Key & Secret

Click the blue "Add Activity Provider" button:

Watershed LRS Credentials

A new row will appear.

Watershed Activity Provider

Make a note the key and secret.

Complete the Integration

Go back to the TES. Fill in your "endpoint", your key and secret.

Watershed LRS Secret Key