Observation Checklist takes workplace assessments mobile

Observation Checklist in xapiapps allows supervisors and trainers to do on-the-job skills assessments.


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Features of Observation Checklist

Make sure training is being applied on-the-job.

Performance Checklist

Ensure employees are applying their training on-the-job

Simple Authoring

Create checklists in minutes and deploy to supervisors



Identify Skill Gaps

Automate interventions for employees that need help


Stay Compliant

Fully compliant record keeping -making paperwork headaches a thing of the past



Ensure employee training impacts on-the-job performance. 

Managers and supervisors can now assess employee performance on the job, in real-time while using their smartphone, tablet or PC. 

Eliminating messy paperwork, you get instant visibility on in-the-field employee performance organization wide. 


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Compare performance between individuals, branches and regions

Because Observation Checklist collects data from mobile devices and stores it in the cloud, organizational benchmarking is a breeze.

You can easily compare the on-the-job performance of individuals, stores or branches, regions and more.

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Quickly Find out if Training isn't Working

Observation Checklist directly links employee performance data to your LRS. This lets you compare training with performance, and answer questions like:

  • Which individuals need more training?
  • What areas do they need training in?
  • Which training is not working?
  • Are some trainers more effective than others?
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Continually improve your training program - and have the data to prove it

Having a real-time data feed of on-the-job skills means you can be agile with your training program. Apply a continuous improvement methodology to measure the effect that changes to your training program is having on workplace skills. xapiapps helps you prove your training works.

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technical features

A closer look at the technical features of Observation Checklist


Observation Checklist can be used on your phone, tablet or PC


Prove compliance by using the Observation Assessment App for Andriod to capture audio, image, video and geo-location evidence of in-the-field skills tests


Learning Experience Builder is a secure cloud service built on Google's App Engine.


Observation Checklist sends xAPI statements so you can send workplace assessments data to your LRS for analysts

Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the questions regarding Observation Checklist

Setting up your first checklist takes just a few minutes. Since the app is built in the cloud, there is nothing for your IT team to do. You could build your first checklist, publish for your team and start collecting data in a single day. 

Yes. Observation Checklist has a grouping function. which makes it easy fo you to control who sees what.

Observation Checklist is so simple to use that training is quick and easy. We provide all the documentation to get you supervisors going. 

Create your first checklist in minutes.

No cost or commitment.

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