Next-Gen Retail Training: 

How technology will evolve customer facing employee performance

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Technology is set to revolutionise customer facing employee training and performance management.


As a training manager within a retail organisation, you have two choices: keep up or get left behind.


In this free guide we explore the impact technology is having on the retail training world, and how you can position yourself to take advantage of these changes.


Download the guide to find out:

  • The learning sciences research that proves training needs to evolve beyond the LMS 
  • Results from a 150,000 sales transaction study by Yale analysing the link between employee engagement and sales effectiveness 
  • 6 crucial behaviours for customer-facing employees to build customer loyalty
  • Research from Deloitte that proves a certain learning pattern generates 2-3 times more financial performance for companies who adopt it
  • 4 technology-driven tools that support effective learning 
  • The three most difficult-to-solve L&D priorities– and how technology is paving the way to solve them
    10 things you need to know to future-proof your employee training program
  • Plus much more

Is it time your training program evolved?


Take the first step today by downloading Next-Gen Retail Training.

Table of contents:

  1. The need for training
    technology innovation
  2. Managing your customer experience
  3. New training and performance
    measurement frameworks
  4. Data driven decision-making
  5. Implications for learning leaders
  6. References

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