Managing Medical Competency with xapiapps: 

Using xAPI to ensure quality of care and compliance



There’s a reason leading healthcare providers around the world are trialing xAPI right now.

So you’ve heard of xAPI, but you’ve got questions, like:

• What is xAPI?
• How can it help me with medical training?
• What can xapiapps do with xAPI that I can’t currently do?

We’ve answered these questions and more in this free eBook, Managing Medical Competency.

Download Managing Medical Competency to learn: 

• 5 big benefits xapiapps offers to help you train smarter and provide better patient care
• Why your current training information architecture is limiting your ability to improve patient outcomes:


(What’s wrong with this picture? -- We show you how it will look in the future)

• The new insights made possible with xAPI
• Example: how multiple sources of training data can integrate with an LRS using xAPI
• The xapiapps tools you can use with xAPI to deliver quality of care:


Are you ready to use xAPI to revolutionise your training program?

Take the first step today by downloading Managing Medical Competency.

Table of contents:

1. A vision of standardised learning and performance management

2. The limitations of current medical learning technology

3. Bridging the gap with xAPI

4. How xapiapps used with xAPI can ensure quality of care and compliance

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