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Go beyond elearning and quizzes with a platform for designing and managing a complete Learning Experience.

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Built for LX Designers

Combining the best of data science with a solid foundational theory of how human beings learn best, we have created a tool that makes it easy to build learning experiences instead of learning management regimes. With the LX Builder you get:

Learning Outside of the LMS

80% of Learning happens on-the-job, outside of the LMS.  Learning Experience Builder makes sequencing, delivering and reporting of on-the-job Learning simple.

LX Designers can build adaptive programs for on-the-job delivery by 

  • Using Coaching activities to transfer skills and knowledge between employees.
  • Use Performance Observations to validate learning and identify areas for improvement.
  • Combine with traditional eLearning activities for a complete Learning Experience.

Coordinate the Team

Bring supervisors, co-workers and SMEs into a Learning Experience by automating the assignment of coaching and performance observations tasks.

  • Simple mobile tools for managers on the go.
  • Make it easy for managers to follow processes and support learners
  • Automated task reminders and follow-ups
  • Report on team participation and activity
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Automated Training Workflows

The LX Builder is not just about creating great experiences for learners and designers, it’s also about automating learning delivery

  • Add delays between activities. Ideal spaced learning programs.
  • Automate the collection of data for your learning evaluation program.
  • Build customized notifications based on learner behaviorand results.
  • xAPI compliant: The LX builder will play ball with your existing LRS.
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A Radical Way to Assign Learning

In conjunction with xapibot, LX Builder can deliver training to the learners that need it using data from business systems.

  • Assign training interventions to learners based on LRS data./li>
  • Notify coaches and managers in real-time when a learners performance slips.
  • Create a dynamic relationship between business data and learning design
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Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the questions regarding Learning Experience Builder

Yes, you can create a group for a job role. When a user is added to the job role, they'll be assigned the training paths for the role..

You can create unlimited branches in a training path.

When a trainee, coach, superviser or observer are assigned a task, they are sent a notification. Reminders are also sent if tasks are not completed.

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