Instructor-Led Training is Simple with xapiapps

Ditch the sign-in sheets. Group Training helps manage your training program. From agendas and invites, to attendance and more..

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Features of Group Training

Real-time management for your instructor-led training programs.

Tracks Attendance

Get detailed data including duration and items covered

Automated Invites

Send invites, reminders and notifications to learners


Add last minute attendees to sessions

LRS Integration

Send time-stamped attendance data to your LRS

Ditch the paper, spreadsheets and Streamline Your ILT Workflow 

Group Training is your secret weapon for managing classroom learning. It used to be hard work managing the ILT process, now you set up the training and Group Training does the rest:

  • Simple training scheduling and management
  • Track training attendance and completion
  • Push invites out to attendees
  • Attendance data gets sent to your LRS
  • Classroom session information will always be up to date 
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Transparent View of Training Attendance 

You’ll have a real-time view of training attendance, including who arrives late and who leaves early.

Use Group Training to track training engagement among employees, seeing who’s committed and who needs extra coaching.

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No More Scheduling Nightmares 

Because the Group Training App is connected in real time, classroom session information is always up-to-date and available.

Any last minute changes you make (such as location or schedule) get updated instantly.

You can even send notifications to the trainees, making sure employees get the messages

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technical features

A closer look at the technical features of Observation Checklist


Group Training can be used on your phone, tablet or PC


Group Training is so easy to use that no training is required! If you can use a smartphone, you can manage your training with Group Training


All of your attendance data is safely stored in xapiapps


Group Training sends xAPI statements so you can send workplace assessments data to your LRS for analysts

Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the questions regarding Instructor-Led Group Training

Not to worry, Group Training handles both scheduled and unscheduled training. 

No Problem, Group Training has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. If your trainer can use a smartphone, they can use Attendance. As a back up, we have detailed help documentation available to assist.

You can log into xapiapps an see attendance data in real-time. See who is in the sessions and who has yet to arrive. 

Take your first attendance in minutes.

No cost or commitment.

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