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The following is an excerpt from "The Infinite Machine"

In my previous article, I discussed the problems with Google App Engine’s deferred library.

deco.pngWe need a decorator!

I promised to present a replacement, so here it is.

Use the @task decorator from appenginetaskutils in your projects so that, unlike with defer(), you can run any function or callable at all in a separate task. You can escape this serious limitation of deferred and all other replacement libraries, and pick up a few more nice features as a bonus.


On github:

On pypi:


Use the python package for this library. You can find the package online here.

Change to your Python App Engine project’s root folder and do the following:

pip install appenginetaskutils --target lib

Or add it to your requirements.txt. You’ll also need to set up vendoring, see app engine vendoring instructions here...

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Emlyn O'Regan is a Co-Founder and CTO of xapiapps, and the author of "The Infinite Machine"



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