Continuous Improvement

Adapt to the uniqueness of the learner, gain visibility into skills adoption and field performance. 

Drive continuous improvement from a full picture of the learning experience

  • Track all activities and outcomes, participation, discussions, content consumed and business results 


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Deskless Delivery

Deskless Delivery Requires Deeper, More Descriptive Metrics, for Prescriptive Development.

xapiapps delivers

  • Provide insight into every interaction in the learner’s journey
  • Meet or exceed training goals
  • Blow past the business goals

More logical, more flexible, more accurate data collection, wherever learning is happening

  • Data gather is based on a structured conversation, or call and response – an “I did this” format
  • “Who did it”, “What was done” and “What was it done to”?
  • Plus contextual data (e.g., score, rating, etc.)
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Track Outcomes For Continuous Improvement

Evidence-Based Design = Continuous Performance Improvement

  • Identify and respond to individual success requirements to influence immediate outcomes
  • Early alert that patterns may be changing
  • Analyses provide immediate insights into improving the learning experience and surpassing business goals
  • xapiapps provides the easy, fast, insightful way to training agility.
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