Re-discover the true value of In-Person Coaching

Forget missed and inefficient coaching sessions. Xapiapps' Coach App is here to help. Schedule training days with ease. Monitor or review performance with the click of a button. Get an efficient coaching system - without the extra work.

Allow your team to grow together and reach a new level of amazing.

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Zero wasted time with the Coaching Checklist

Change the way your leaders coach staff. Let every employee get the support they need to reach the next level.

It’s Personal

Easy and in-depth performance assessments ensure every employee, manager and supervisor get the most effective training possible.

See it all

Decisions with half a picture are ineffective. An organization-wide view of important metrics lets you make the right decisions at the right times.

Effective Coaching

A structured, formal coaching program raises the efficiency of your coaching sessions. To get the best out of your time - and your team.

It’s Dynamic

Schedule the right training at the right time with a dynamic performance view. Give your team a step up with pin-point targeted coaching.

Coaching is Easy

When you're using the right tools. And your coach is supported with the right tools.

New features of the coach app include the ability to add links, videos and PDFs to your checklists.

Imagine checking a reason for underperformance, and you're immediately given the correct resources to solve the problem.

That's a reality, with the new Coach App.


Create a Structured Program that’s Accountable

Formal coaching plans let your coaches and employees make the most of their time. And gives them the easy-to-use tools they need for success.

Track coaching events for the peace of mind. Know that your in-person training is working - just the way it should.

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organisation wide monitoring coaching performance

Monitor Coaching Performance Organisation Wide 

Collect data from all of your training locations and get an organisation-wide view of your coaching program. Get the answers to questions such as:

  • Is coaching being done correctly and where it’s needed most?
  • What resources does coaching consume?
  • What impact does coaching have on our key business objectives?

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assign coaching based on performance

Eliminate Wasted Coaching Hours

Coach data connects with Observation Checklist data so you can dynamically assign coaching based on employee performance assessments. A salesperson having trouble closing deals? Then Coach will automatically assign them ‘closing the sale coaching’.

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set up coaching programs when they need it

Help Good Employees Become Great 

An average employee can become a great employee with the right help at the right time. Coach lets you set up and monitor face-to-face coaching programs, so you can make sure your employees get the support they need, when they need it.

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Travelling Team?

No Problem

The coach app is useful for teams on the go.

Capture performance, missed targets and achievements.

Schedule a coaching day and the mobile app will notify your travelling team member - wherever they are. The Coach Checklist will ensure you get the most out of your coaching session on coaching day. Because when time is few, efficiency is crucial.

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technical features

A closer look at the technical features of Observation Checklist


Observation Checklist can be used on your phone, tablet or PC


Prove compliance by using the Observation Assessment App for Andriod to capture audio, image, video and geo-location evidence of in-the-field skills tests


You can be rest assured that the coach is supported with inbuilt support resources.


Observation Checklist sends xAPI statements so you can send workplace assessments data to your LRS for analysts

Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at questions regarding The Coach App

No Problem! Coach has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use. In fact, it's often used without any training at all. If your employees can use a smartphone, they can use Coach. As a backup, we have detailed help documentation available to assist. 

Of course! Any phone that can connect to the internet can use Coach- so you can use a PC too.

If you don't record coaching, then how do know if coaching has been completed? How are you sure that employees are getting the support they need? 

Create your first assessment in minutes.

No cost or commitment.

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