Bullet-proof Compliance with xapiapps [PDF]

Case study: client saves $81,000 pa on site compliance using xapiapps technology


Today’s globalized, regulated and highly competitive business environment demands air-tight compliance. Senior managers, the Board and Auditors all expect mitigated exposure to risk, costly fines, delays or worse.

Bullet-proof Compliance presents a business case for mobile technology compliance record keeping that reduces your risk, and saves you time and money.

Download Bullet-proof Compliance to learn:

  • Case study: how our client saved $81,000 p.a. on site induction processes (per site) using xapiapps
  • 6 ways manual paper-based compliance processes are hurting businesses – which problems are you suffering from?
  • Iron-clad, bullet-proof training evidence: how mobile technology makes it possible
  • No more waiting weeks or months for data – the cloud based technology that collects data on site and makes it available to you instantly
  • Never worry about compliance again – record on-the-job skills assessments capturing image or video evidence using these tools
  • The processes you can use to identify employee skills gaps while collecting compliance data
  • Savings calculators: estimate the cost savings you can achieve by implementing xapiapps. 
  • Plus much more

Is it time to bullet-proof your compliance with mobile technology?

Take the first step today by downloading Bullet-proof Compliance.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The outdated compliance processes that are costing your organisation time and money
  3. How mobile technology can bulletproof your compliance and decrease costs
  4. Copy this business case: using mobile technology for site induction compliance
  5. Results: the cost savings and risk protection your business can expect

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