xapiapps Release notes v1.5 - September 2019


Version 1.5


  • Unified Reporting - a new unified reporting view has been added to the system:

    • Create named customized reporting views on various types of data, including Task and Pathway activity, Badge activity and Badge status.
    • Share and publish your reports within the organization.
    • Unified reporting of all task types, including launched packages, linked content and videos, built in assessments and group training.
    • Search and filter reports, save filters for repeated use.
  • Additionally:

    • Reports now do not show data associated with archived people by default.
    • Skills matrix can be shared to org. structure nodes similar to the unified reports.
    • Skills matrix reports can now be searched by name.
    • Added more relative date options to reporting filters, such as “this week”, “last week” and “next 7 days”
    • Added in more detail to CSV activity reports for storyline, rise, composica, xapilauncher.
    • Added group and org. structure values to  the following csv reports:
      • Badge Attainment
      • Badge Status
      • Observation Assessment Activity
      • Coach Activity
      • Self Assessment Activity
      • Storyline, Rise, Composica, Scorm, xapi Launcher Activity
    • Existing Skills Matrix supports “publishing” (as per unified reporting) which allows the report to be shared with non org limited admins, or to specific org structure nodes.
    • Updated the skills matrix report so that expired badges appear differently than missing badges for a given learner.
    • Added a rollup feature to the skills matrix report settings.

traingOther New / Updated features

  • Automation App - allow admins to set up automated pathway assignments when a badge is expiring or expires.
  • My Supervisor tasks - has been reworked:

    • Only tasks completed by the viewing supervisor are displayed in “completed tasks”
    • Group Training sessions now display in current and completed tasks.
    • Group Training sessions can be launched directly from this view.
    • Tasks for archived people no longer display in this view.

  •  Pathways:
    • A “Notify Learner” step has been added to the Learning Experience Builder to allow notifications to be sent to the learner of the pathway.
    • When assigning a pathway, the people list now displays each persons groups.

    • Notifications:
      • Due dates for tasks can now be added in notification templates.
      • A general footer signature can now be applied on all outgoing notifications.
      • Notification emails now support a different “reply to” and “sender” email address.
        Talk to you customer support rep. for more information about setting this up

self assmtsPerformance / Misc Changes

  • Significantly reduced time for assessment tasks to complete after sign off / submission (reduced “completing…” time)
    • Improved responsive layout and navigation
    • Improved the behaviour of the back button in the toolbar.
    • Removed some apps from the navigation bar.
    • Modified xAPI statement generation to correctly handle values containing special (unicode) characters.
    • Improved support for streaming assets from content packages, which should improve performance.
    • Assigned pathways will show the name of the updated authored pathway if it is changed.
    • Multiple selection of pathways is now possible when adding them to a supervisor board.
    • Deep linking should now be preserved if the user is redirected through a SSO process.

badgesBug Fixes / Improvements

  • Fixed an issue which sometimes prevented the final status of a pathway being correctly marked as pass/fail based on the last marked task in the branch.
  •  Fixed an issue preventing delay steps from correctly showing the number of people waiting at that step in pathway overview reports.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes causing stale values to remain in the cache and be served to the user for up to 10 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue causing previously issued superbadges not to update to match the new definition when changed.
  • Fixed a bug causing erroneous notifications to be sent to people holding badges when the badge definition is archived.
  • Fixed issue with uploading Articulate Presenter packages to Launcher.
  • Fixed issue where unordered lists were not showing bullet points in assessment views.
  • Fixed issue where the complete list of a person’s organization structure nodes were not appearing in a skills matrix CSV download.
  • Fixed skills matrix sharing so that only the creator of a report can edit / delete it.
  • Fixed issue where large videos could not play in storyline and rise content
  • Fixed a UI issue where selecting content to add to supervisor board bypasses the 'add to board' button and publishes without it.
  • Fixed bug where unsaved changes dialog would appear after navigation was already done
  • Fix an issue where archived organization structure nodes were appearing in skills matrix CSV downloads.
  • Disabled CSV generation on skills matrix until report fully loads to prevent data being excluded from the CSV.
  • Prevented unsaved changes dialog from appearing when duplicating an assessment
  • Fixed overview reports so that it can show the correct count for unsuccessful steps

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