Training and Retention: The Science of Forgetting

A key component of any training exercise is the retention of new information. Trainees are exposed to facts and techniques which they are expected to apply in practical contexts. As human beings we make use of our brain's ability to retain information for later use, but remembering something is very different from saving something to a computer flash drive. Yet many training programmes treat human memory exactly as if it were computer storage. In order to promote retention of information in trainees it’s important to understand some key facts about how our memory works and the ways we can apply that knowledge to become better at training in general.

Using Badges to Track Trainee Achievements

Training Badges

In our latest xapiapps release we've introduced badges as a fast and flexible way to record a trainees achievements and skills.

How the Japanese Principle ‘Kaizen’ can Transform Your Sales Results

Kaizen is a concept that was originally introduced to the West in 1986 by Masaaki Imai’s book ‘Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success’.

Its core premise was that big results come from many small changes accumulated over time.

This post will discuss how kaizen can apply to sales, and how xapiapps can help you execute a kaizen strategy to quickly improve the performance of your sales force.

Training Checklist for Groups

Today we're pleased to announce the release of Training Checklist for Groups. 

RTO Trainers - Join the New Breed

Great RTO Trainers are in high demand as the market shrinks. With less students coming in the doors, and revenue tied to completion rates it is now more important than ever to have great RTO trainers.