How to Increase RTO Profit Margins

All RTOs are asking the same question in today's hyper-competitive training market:

How can an RTO grow profits and boost margins?

RTO Trainers - Join the New Breed

Great RTO Trainers are in high demand as the market shrinks. With less students coming in the doors, and revenue tied to completion rates it is now more important than ever to have great RTO trainers.

How to Cut Training Costs

The pressures of a Training Manager are not limited to getting enough trainers or resources or ASQA Audits (although these definitely are big pressures). Probably the most common pressure comes from above, and is all about cutting costs.

Your RTO Students are Your Customers

Our headline sounds too trivially obvious to be worth stating, but it is such a fundamental concept that it warrants emphasis. This basic concept is lost on so many RTOs. Successful RTOs have customer service built into every facet of their organisation. In days gone by of plentiful Government Funding the concept of the student being a customer was dead. The Funding Body became the customer because they had the money and needed the reports.