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Retail Training: How to use Metrics to Target your Training Activities and Improve Staff Performance


How to Delight Customers Through Retail Training

 Retailers are under pressure. 

Competition (both home grown and International), lightning fast technological change and the subdued economy mean Retailers are working harder than ever to win and retain customers. Those succeeding in this environment are making exceptional customer experiences a priority.

Why Retail Needs Standardized Training and Competency-based Performance Reviews

If you’re looking for a competitive advantage in 2015, your approach to employee performance management could hold the key.

5 Critical Performance Metrics for Today’s Retail Employees

 According to research from Deloitte, retail workforces are increasingly made up of Generation Y employees. This generation has new expectations that training managers need to be aware of:

  • They expect more feedback than other generations

  • They expect a greater level of technology in the workplace

 In the coming market of Gen-Y dominated talent, Retail businesses need the technology and processes to engage, develop and retain the best employees. Likewise in the customer space, as the Baby Boomers ease into retirement and their spending power falls, Gen-Y becomes the predominant buying group.