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xapiapps Release notes v1.5 - September 2019

xapiapps Release notes v1.5 - September 2019

Support Team Support Team in xAPI on Sep 12, 2019

Build a Retail Coaching Program with xapiapps and xAPI


How To: Compliance Reporting with the Skills Matrix [VIDEO]

The following walkthrough takes a look at the capabilities of the Skills Matrix in xapiapps. 

Support Team Support Team on Oct 4, 2017

Changes to Learning Experience Design are Flipping the Industry

The following is an except from The LX Designer's Handbook.

Support Team Support Team in LXDesign on Sep 27, 2017

xAPI and Kirkpatrick's Model Working in Perfect Harmony

Implementing Kirkpatricks Model with xAPI

Digital learning systems have begun to make deep, qualitative learning theories practical at scale. The industrial model of training and evaluation is a compromise between results and practicality, but with smart systems, those complex and rich views of training can come to life.

Support Team Support Team on Aug 15, 2017

New in xapiapps - Topics & Learning Libraries to Enhance a Learning Experience

 We’re adding more new features this week you’ll love in your xapiapps account.

Support Team Support Team on Mar 16, 2017

How to Get Ahead of the Forgetting Curve

If you’ve spent any time delving into the theory behind corporate training you’ve probably heard of the “forgetting curve”. An observation first proposed by psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus in the late 1800s. The least you need to know about the forgetting curve is that it shows how quickly people forget new learning. An hour after training half of the information is gone. After a day 70% is missing. By the end of the first week only 10% of that knowledge is retained.Yikes, that’s a lot of wasted time, potential and of course money! Are you just wasting your time with training in the first place? The answer is “no” and it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Training and Retention: The Science of Forgetting

A key component of any training exercise is the retention of new information. Trainees are exposed to facts and techniques which they are expected to apply in practical contexts. As human beings we make use of our brain's ability to retain information for later use, but remembering something is very different from saving something to a computer flash drive. Yet many training programmes treat human memory exactly as if it were computer storage. In order to promote retention of information in trainees it’s important to understand some key facts about how our memory works and the ways we can apply that knowledge to become better at training in general.

Retail Training: How to use Metrics to Target your Training Activities and Improve Staff Performance


Using Badges to Track Trainee Achievements

Training Badges

In our latest xapiapps release we've introduced badges as a fast and flexible way to record a trainees achievements and skills.