Badges are your key to tracking skills and competencies the easy way.

We all know trainees take different paths to become skilled or competent, and keeping a record of this can be time-consuming and inefficient.

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Analyse the effectiveness of training methods with Badges

Badges enable training administrators to recognize, track and review trainee achievement, both formally (as part of learning experience pathways) and on an ad hoc basis (such as badges assigned to recognise training completed externally).

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Badges can expire… and that’s a good thing!

By setting an expiry date for badges, administrators can automate competency and auditing processes - a skill requiring annual review is managed at the click of a button by setting a 12 month badge expiry.

In addition to this feature, our system also offers administrators the option to send an upcoming notification at the desired number of days ahead of badge expiry. This ensures that skills are flagged for review in a timely and efficient manner.

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Visualize skill sets with the Skills Matrix

The Skills Matrix is an easy way to visualize users against their badge achievements. It offers quick insight into the skill base of your team members, such as who has completed which badges, and who is due for performance review.

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Badges: great for trainees, too!

Not only do system administrators get easy visibility into who holds what badges, but trainees in our system also get a living record of the badges they have achieved. Anyone who has to accrue continuing professional standard hours, will recognise that an auto-generated list of the training you have completed is an absolute gift when it comes time to renew registration, or otherwise prove personal compliance.

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Good ol’-fashioned motivation

Finally, the awesome (and perhaps most obvious) thing about badges is that it offers ‘moments of motivation’ to trainees. Every badge is a chance to keep your team engaged and motivated during your courses… And, if you want to keep them super motivated, you might like to look further into our ‘super badges’.

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Using Badges to Track Trainee Achievements

Turning badges into xAPI statements

If you’d like to extract a little more ‘data juice’ from your badges, our xAPI Open Badges recipe will allow you to send badge xAPI statements to your connected Learning Record Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A closer look at the technical features of Badges

Either auto-assign via a pathway to recognise successful completion, or can assign to targeted users on ad hoc basis.

The Skills Matrix provides you the ability to view users against their badge achievements, offering quick insight into who has completed what badges.

For the automation of regular compliance/skill testing procedures.

Start creating Badges and give your team motivation.

No cost or commitment. 

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