Adapt to the uniqueness of the learner and their learning environment. 

 “Learning happens everywhere” is the thought behind xAPI. 

This next-generation tool brings the promises of:

  • A way to aggregate disparate sources for delivery
  • A more detailed, real-world way to track learning performance

A flexible, open development environment.

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xapiapps is For Workers On The Job

 xapiapps is the learning experience platform that makes these promises come true. For workers on the job, learning must happen everywhere.

Easily develop and deliver the highest performing personalized, social, online learning experience that motivates learners to acquire knowledge and refine skills.

  • Curate and aggregate content, create learning and career pathways, enable networking, enhance skill development, a way to aggregate disparate sources for delivery
  • Deliver adaptive learning on-the-go, using mobile tools for coaching, self-assessments, observations and just in time, on-the-job e-learning, videos and micro-learning 
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Expands the Learning Experience "To Infinity and Beyond" 

Expand the learning experience through a single portal. Bring in best-in-class content from an almost limitless range of best-in-class apps and platforms

  • Have the ability to include new technologies as they emerge

Customize to the requirements of your industry and to the needs of your unique business. 

Gather deeper, more definitive measures from every learning interaction

  • Learn and respond to the individual learner’s success requirements
  • Urge each learner to success

Achieve and surpass your business goals. Timely analyses enable the agility to continuously improve. 

  • Maximize learner engagement by fine-tuning in real-time
  • Bring learner, coach and management together the surpass business goals
  • Increases job and life satisfaction, which increase loyalty
  • The results: Your highly skilled, highly motivated workforce becomes a competitive differentiator
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