Training Reinforcement

Introducing Cognition: an xAPI-driven training retention
system for a new age of training performance.

A good mind is a terrible thing to waste, so why waste the mental capacity of your trainees?

Cognition is one of our latest training reinforcement innovations. Based on sound theories of how people retain and lose new information, we’ve created a product that takes the pain out of reinforcement for both trainers and trainees.


Driven by xAPI

Built on the latest xAPI technology standards, Cognition integrates fully with your Learning Record Store letting you create the reports and leaderboards you need.


Take Control of Your Content

Apart from Cognition unique integration abilities, it also provides the means to author your own content and then deliver it in a way that is designed to foster training retention.

There are a wide array of ways in which you can deliver content using Cognition. You can deliver entire media-rich short courses or simply follow-up questions, or something in between.

Performance Quantified

With Cognition you can quantify retention and use that benchmark to monitor and improve upon retention levels.

Cognition does this by delivering ongoing knowledge questions. These have the dual function of measuring retention and building knowledge structures. All while the LRS keeps all the data insights safely stored for your use.


Embracing Science

Cognition has been designed with well-established learning principles in mind. It’s based on theories of memory such as the Ebbinghaus “forgetting curve” and other research insights that have shown us when and how people forget even very important things.

To learn more about the principle theory Cognition is based on we recommend you sign up for our free course on the “forgetting curve”.


A closer look at the technical features of Cognition

  • Connects to any Learning Record Store (LRS).
  • Sends xAPI statements.
  • Sends user notifications via SMS or email.
  • Simple to use responsive design.

Do I need a Learning Record Store (LRS) to use Cognition?


Yes.  A learning record store is required for reporting.  Cognition is an xAPI activity provider.


What devices does Cognition work on?


Cognition runs on iOS and Android devices as well as laptops with a modern browser.


What type of content does Cognition support?


Cognition text, image and video content.